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Welcome to Live From The Kitchen Table. I wanted to be able share my creative process and found there was a real beauty to the stripped down, spontaneous recordings I make on my iPhone and other hand held devices. The idea germinated when I was playing a friend some songs I had been working on and she suggested that I share them on my web page. I hope you enjoy hearing the intimacy and spontaneity of these low-fi recordings.

Here are some links to some recent recordings. Just click on the song title and enjoy!

Lines on the Wall Here is a song I wrote to my wife about life and seeing our son grow up. This is a rough mix, and a more polished recording should be done soon, but I wanted to share this relatively raw recording as part of my "Live From the Kitchen Table" series of stripped down songs.

Holes in My Shoes Here is a blues song I wrote years ago. I recorded it and shelved it because I wasn't ready for prime time. I was looking at some of my old songs and decided I really liked the groove on this one and decided to try a re-write. Here's what I came up with. 

Death Don't Have No Mercy This is a tune by Rev. Gary Davis. The first time I saw him do this song on YouTube I was blown away. Over the years I have played with different arrangements of this song I and feel like I may be onto something with this one. Let me know what you think.

Simple Twist of Fate Here is a nice version of Bob Dylan's "Simple Twist of Fate," one of my favorite songs of his. I started playing around with this arrangement a while ago, but it started taking shape a few months ago and I decided it was a perfect addition to my Live From the Kitchen Table series of stripped down songs. Enjoy!

Boogie Guitar Here is another song from the Kitchen Table series. It's just a little boogie boogie I was messing around with. Enjoy!


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