About Wolf Run

Adam Traum and Jack Hines met at an open mic in Sonoma around 2010 and the two started talking guitars. Traum found out Hines was a string bassist, and Adam happened to be looking for one. The duo exchanged numbers and some time later they met up to play for an afternoon in Glen Ellen. Traum got home and said to his wife "I think I found my bass player."  The two started gigging together and have been working together regularly ever since.

Wolf Run shares a musical and personal bond that is unique and their dynamic musical kinship is readily seen at their live shows. Wolf Run's vocals are compelling and their musicianship is sonically connected in a way that only musicians who have spent a lot of time playing together can achieve. 

Adam Traum grew up as a blues/rocker kid in his parent's folkie world in Woodstock, N.Y.  He eventually found his way back to acoustic music where he was determined to hone his craft and acknowledge his musical roots. With a toe in the electric world Traum's chops were sharpened playing in dive bars throughout Georgia and the south and later the San Francisco Bay Area. Although he still likes to plug in his old Telecaster he mostly to performs with his acoustic guitar. Traum is a versatile guitarist equally at home playing soulfully and quiet or digging in on uptempo numbers. He also plays mandolin and ukulele.

Jack Hines trained on string bass with the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra and later became entrenched in the Bay Area latin jazz and Brazilian music scene. He studied music at San Diego State and later San Francisco State. In addition to playing live, he taught music for fifteen years at Hanna Boys Center before playing music full time. His commitment to his craft is easily heard when he plays regardless of the genre. Hines' groove is infectious and he's always in the pocket. In addition to the bass, he plays viola de gamba, guitar and piano and writes his own songs.

Traum and Hines formed the Mosey Boys with David Thom and after that, the Straw Wattles with busy Sonoma sideman Josh Yenne who they still regularly work with,