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Adam's Traum's release, "Just Like Home" is a celebration of his rich musical heritage. Raised in the upstate New York town of Woodstock, N.Y., Traum had a front row seat to musical history which shaped his musical world view.

He still embraces the energy of the blues-driven rock that he played in his formative years as a guitarist and singer with a tempered appreciation and love of Americana roots music. 

"Just Like Home" is a all acoustic CD featuring a stellar lineup of musicians including Happy Traum, John Sebastian, Joe Kyle, Jr., David Thom (Co-Producer), and Pat Campbell. 

"[Adam Traum's] guitar playing will make you want to learn his guitar licks, and the songs are enjoyable-by turns free-wheeling, sardonic or plaintive, and always offering the release and redemption that keep us coming back to the folk-blues mother lode.”
Phil Catalfo - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“When it’s time to sit back and relax, slip “Just Like Home” into the CD player, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy. It’s the easiest prescription on earth.”
Mike Hyland - Sonoma Sun

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 "Meant To Be" (2006) is Adam Traum's first release covers a lot of ground ranging from acoustic folk to gritty, hard-driving music with a full band including electric guitar, drums, piano, sax and fiddle. Some great performers made appearances including the late, Martin Fierro, Richard Chon, Ed Ivey (Producer), Dave "Deebs" Black to name a few. Follow the link to download it on iTunes!

"Just Like Home" (2012) is an all acoustic recording that pays tribute to his musical heritage featuring eight originals and three cover songs with cameos from Happy Traum and John Sebastian. 

"One-takes"  (2016) was recorded with the Mosey Boys featuring Traum, David Thom (mandolin) and Jack Hines (bass) in a live setting with cameo performances by Happy Traum, Randy Khors, and Bill Evans.

Adam Traum is also an accomplished guitar teacher and has titles on Homespun Music Instruction. A perennial favorite worth checking out is his his series Learn to Play Blues Guitar With a Flatpick as well as new short lessons available through the Homespun Instant Access program. Check out the Lessons section of this site to get more information on Traum's teaching. He released Mandolin for Guitar Players in July 2018 and is about to release more videos.


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