Adam Traum is an interpreter of traditional roots music and draws on those styles in his songwriting as well. He cross-pollinates Americana genres, blending folk, blues, bluegrass, rockabilly and country-blues music. When Traum performs he brings a warmth to the stage and puts on a well-polished show, whether he is playing as a solo artist at an intimate house concert or for a festival crowd backed by his potent band.

Adam’s influences include Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Mississippi John Hurt and Rev. Gary Davis, to name a few. Traum gigs and teaches throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. He has two instructional DVD guitar lessons on Homespun Tapes. His CD, "Meant To Be" (2006), celebrates the diversity in his songwriting, which incorporates story-driven songs, humor and catchy guitar riffs. Traum's newest release, "Just Like Home" (2012), is an all-acoustic collection of songs with an intimate feel, paying tribute to his musical heritage.


I'm excited to announce some fun musical news!

In addition to some great local Bay Area gigs to close out June, I have a mid-July East Coast tour with Colin Gilmore, including a show with Happy Traum and a four shows with old pals, The Kennedys (Pete and Maura), a terrific duo who's music I have appreciated for years. 

I've been writing a bunch of new tunes for a new CD and am almost ready to record. My group the Straw Wattles with Josh Yenne and Jack Hines has some shows and I'm looking forward to working with these two great musicians.

I have some videos out at my YouTube channel where I added a few videos with Colin Gilmore. I also have some Straw Wattles videos up if you want to check those out. 

Here is a video that was shot on tour with Colin Gilmore this past December. We played "Legacy," a song I wrote about growing up and passing along my love of music. I have some great gigs coming up include three with my dad, Happy Traum in both Southern and Northern California, as well as some local Bay Area shows. Step on in and enjoy the music.

I also have a new video coming on Homespun soon that I look forward to announcing soon, so stay tuned!


Straw Wattes-Kansas City (singing by Jack Hines)

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Gearing up for the East coast!  Podcast

After months of planning, endless calls, emails and Facebook messages, my run of six shows in seven days on the East Coast is finally here! This is my first foray into touring in the Northeast and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous. When I expressed this to my friend he said nerves are a good thing because it means I'm not taking anything for granted. 

Planning a tour on another coast where there are flights, car rentals, sleeping arrangements and new fans to reach is a humbling experience. But it's also exciting and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to do this with my good friend and touring buddy, Colin Gilmore.

We are connecting with Pete and Maura Kennedy for four of the shows as well as my father, Happy Traum and Colin's dad Jimmie Dale Gilmore to kick off the tour on July 8. at the historic room, The Towne Crier. The chance to do this father/son gig will be a great evening if our last show together is any indication. I am also doing my first show under my own name in my hometown of Woodstock, NY. It will be great to have my family there as well as friends who I've know for years. 

I suppose anytime we step out of our comfort zone we learn what we are capable of and need to embrace not only the challenges but also our success. I look forward to reporting news of the road in my next blog post and rest assured I'm sure there will be some great stories garnered from this adventure, which you can't put a price tag on! 



  1. It's Time

My MerleFest set with Pete Seeger 

When I was about 19 or 20 years old, I was  at MerleFest in Wilksboro, North Carolina, helping my parents man the Homespun Tapes booth. At the time it was a relatively small festival with mostly folk, bluegrass and old-time music in honor of the great Merle Watson.

Pete Seeger was playing and asked me to join him for a set on one of the stages. He also invited me to lead a song. I was so nervous and couldn't think of what to play. I was a rocker and electric blues player at the time and didn't have a traditional or folk repertoire. My dad said that I should just play what I feel comfortable with and so I worked up the nerve to play "Little Wing" by Hendrix on my little Takamine 3/4 sized acoustic guitar.

Pete was so gracious and after my song said it was "unfair that someone so young could be so good." I was honored and humbled to play a set with Pete and will remember that day clearly.

When I heard of Pete Seeger's passing I was saddened that our world lost one of the best people to ever walk the earth. RIP Pete Seeger! We'll miss you.

Ghost Jam Session 

I had the pleasure of playing at the Sutter Creek Theatre in Sutter Creek, California with Jack Hines on bass a few weeks ago. It was  great show in a funky old theater in gold country outside of Sacramento in Amador County. We had a great show, but the magic really happened after the gig when the apartment they put us up in gave us access to the theater after hours. 

The Sutter Creek Theatre is supposed to be haunted and after we relaxed for a while and had a few cocktails to wind down from the show we picked up our instruments and had a really inspired jam session. Check out some of the sounds we recorded on a small hand-held recorder placed in the room. Follow the link and enjoy the song and see if you hear any sounds from the ghosts listening.


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