Adam Traum

Americana Roots Singer-Songwriter


For Adam Traum it is always about doing right by the song!

Growing up in Woodstock, New York, in a musical family Adam Traum had a front row seat to music history. Adam is proudly carrying on the tradition his way, cross-pollinating Americana genres, blending folk, blues, bluegrass, singer-songwriters and country-blues in his diverse songwriting and cover arrangements. When he performs Adam brings his passion for music to the stage and puts on a well-polished show with tasty guitar chops and a relaxed but powerful voice to match.

He formed his love and fundamental understanding of music watching modern roots/rock pioneers like John Sebastian and The Band play their well crafted, soulfully performed songs. At the same time he was raiding his father's ample record collection and listening to masters of blues, country and folk for hours and doing his best to play along. After several stints in rock bands, Traum found the truth, beauty and honesty in roots music that can't hide behind tricks and effects. His commitment to excellence in songwriting and musicianship translates to his recorded and live performances.

He also has several popular videos on Homespun Music Instruction

Wolf Run's first video release

Adam Traum and Jack Hines have been playing as a duo for about nine years but finally gave themselves a name! Here is their first video as Wolf Run covering "Look at Miss Ohio," a beautiful song written by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

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Recent news

Adam Traum had a successful 2019 East Coast tour with Colin Gilmore and the Kennedys and had a great experience playing a concert in Woodstock, N.Y., at the Maverick in a tribute to Pete Seeger's 100th birthday. Read all about it here!

Check out Adam's YouTube channel where I added a few videos with Colin Gilmore. He also have some Straw Wattles videos up if you want to check those out. Here is a video that was shot on tour with Colin Gilmore this past December. 

Traum is busy finishing his strongest bunch of new tunes to date for a new CD he plans on releasing in 2020. He also is now active on Patreon where he has unique offerings that aren't available anywhere else. He also has a brand new video out on Homespun Music Instruction Ukulele for Guitar Players.

The video below is from a celebration of Greenwich Village music in Central park last August.

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